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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tea Light Candles Stay Long Fit With Colourful Light

Also known as T light or night light candles fall under the small- sized candles category and are inexpensive. Tea light candles are enclosed in ‘lean’ metallic or pliable container cup. While lit the candle melts completely while lit. Tea light candles, due to their small stature, produce little light and scent (for the scented ones) thus multiple of them are burnt at the same time. Most of the time they are used as votive candles and can also be used for a decorative effect when floated in water.

At ‘Waxations Hand- made Candles Company’, tea light candles are available in assortments of colors, scents, types, shapes, styles and accessories. The range of color one can choose from include red, white, cream, green, lavender, orange, yellow, red, brown, blue, pink and so many more. This is no different with the scents available. The scents could be in mono scents or combined scents. Examples of mono scents include rose, lime, orange, mint, plum, blueberry, lily of the valley, beach, pumpkin, vanilla, lavender and so many other colors. Examples of combined scents include apple and cinnamon, plum pudding and rose and lavender and lily of the valley.

Tea light candles are available in various types but the jar and pillar candles are the most common ones. Tea light candles are also made from a variety of waxes; paraffin wax, soy wax, bees wax, gel wax and palm wax. The choice on which wax to use in making the candles depends on various factors which include; the availability of the wax, cost of the wax, quality of the wax, their effect to the environment when used, their ability to hold and its ability to stay for long without ‘going bad’. Some of the natural wax include the beeswax and palm wax while paraffin and soy wax are petroleum by- products. Gel wax is not wax but a mixture of resin and mineral oil.


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