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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Love Candles

Love is simply an emotion. It can be felt for oneself, somebody else or even an animal. Love is celebrated in various and among them is by lighting a candle or gifting somebody one. Love, in fact, has a day set aside for its celebration which falls on the 14th of February and it is celebrated annually.

At ‘Waxations Hand- made Candles Company’, special holiday gift sets and travel kits are available. These are both offered as in recent times the customer has become more sophisticated and may also be on the go during the Valentine’s holiday. In these packages various scented candles are offered in various colors, styles, shapes, types and are accompanied with artistic accessories which also vary in shape, color, style and material used to make them. These packages also contain body oils, lotions and even lip balm all in available in various fragrances.

Red being the theme color for the Valentine’s Day most candles are available in this color though other colors are offered as well. These colors include blue, green, gold, white, black, cream, brown and so many more. Not only do they light the room up but they also ‘diffuse’ out bad odors and scent up the room or venue, they come in various fragrances which can be single scents or combined scents. The combined scents can be more than two scents combined. Examples of combined scents include strawberry passion and cashmere, cashmere and silk. Single scents include chocolate, strawberry, lavender, pink sugar and blue musk.

Love candles vary in shape too, shapes such as rose, teddy bears, the words ‘I love you’ or ‘happy valentine’s’ are some of the shapes available but the most common are the heart shaped love candles. They come in various sizes small, medium and large and are all suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
They are also used to relax one’s mind say during a massage or while in a bath tub. 


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