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Everyone can use a little warmth in their life.
15 years ago we set out to create a truly unique collection of handcrafted 
candles to bring some warm new light into people’s homes and offices. 
From exquisitely colored readymade candles to custom-crafted made-toorder designs,
all Waxations candles are beautiful to behold, striking to 
look at and heart-stopping gifts that are both intimate and delightfully 
Whether as an expression of love to your new flame or as a 
commemoration of your company’s latest achievements, a stunning 
Waxations candle will light up any recipient’sface.
We love what we do and our superior products stand test to that. To 
ensure our candles burn beautifully and smell tantalizingly, we test all the 
oils we use in our waxes. Our experts search for quality wax for a longer 
and clearer burn, and we use only the finest, purest materials in the 
making of Waxations products.
Every item in our catalog is handmade in New York by talented artists and 
wax figurine designers. We are very proud to offer you our superior 
candles, and we hope you will put them to good use in bringing love and 
romance to the world.
Waxations Live. love. light.


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